That’s when Soul transforms – literally – into a razor-sharp scythe and Maka wields her partner and unleashes her inner-slayer. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa[3] He proves to be a formidable opponent, and Black☆Star ends up having to defend Maka at some points, and soon ends up taking a hard blow from Sid's Living End attack. Soul Eater: "The fear of interacting with people…even I understand that one." He then proceeds to use Death Cannon. Kid begs Black☆Star to carry him, because he does not want to step in the mud. The Village of Needles had probably been a victim of their bloodthirsty rampages. Ethnicity It is set in a fictional universe inhabited by various characters capable of using supernatural powers by channeling the wavelengths of their souls. He accuses Kid for turning his back on his ideas of symmetry, turning to nothingness because he cannot be bothered about it anymore. Eventually, Black☆Star realizes he will never understand, so he invades Stein's house with the intention of stealing the answers for the upcoming exam. Black☆Star is seen furiously sparring with Stein. The three manage to infiltrate the now abandoned castle, and manage to find Angela. He tries to reach the second presence within Tsubaki. Black☆Star is at first very annoyed at Maka walking in on his fight. Back at the DWMA, Black☆Star briefly visits Maka and Soul in the Dispensary. Black☆Star ends up fighting all of them, with relative ease. Blair is a supporting character in Soul Eater. Martial Arts (Art of Assassination, Waki-gamae) soul. After a while, Mifune performs his Infinite One-Sword Style. Everyone is still concerned as he is still recently recovering from the match with Mifune. The Black Clown then appears and fuses with Crona — creating three Demon Swords wielded by Crona and Ragnarok. He, along with Soul, overhears the conversation with between Sid and Nygus and finds out that they have found one of Arachnophobia's bases. His arrogance later develops into a constant hunger for power, up until the point that people suspect that he may choose the 'Path of a Demon.' Another new addition is a long white scarf, wrapped around his neck with the majority hanged loosely. Black☆Star then uses Shadow☆Star: Second Form - Leaf of the Moonlit Night, and using its power, manages to crack Crona's Black Blood armor. Mifune refuses to say anything and Black☆Star is about to lose his patience when Angela herself arrives and begs the two to spare Mifune. He desperately calls for an encore to bring her back, and the sword eventually transforms back into Tsubaki, who apologizes for keeping him waiting. However, he also stated that Asura is still superior to him and Death the Kid. Black☆Star however, says that it is not everything about Kid and himself, there are his friends, and Maka and Soul, who can do much more than him. or 'Yahoo!' Due to a shortage of one player (Liz) they force Maka into joining the game. Black*Star is 13. Black☆Star unrepentantly states that little magic tricks cannot make this vanish. He watches Liz transform back into her female form just a little quicker than Tsubaki, and teases Tsubaki along with Kirikou and Patty because of this. Tsubaki asks if he holds any grudges against the DMWA, but Black☆Star says no, in that his father and mother paid for their crimes and that is that. Then, Blair has a few fights with the two intruders, and afterwards, comes to live in their house, where she constantly messes with them. Before they can finish him off, Soul stops playing, advising them to leave as their time limit for staying in the vortex is almost up. Soul Eater Club Join New Post. You've never seen it before, samurai! Name One example can be seen when Maka is in the infirmary after fighting with Arachne Gorgon and the golem. When they reach it, they notice a large mass of Witches—one of them being Arachne. Warrior God (武神, Bushin) During the last moments of the battle, Mifune makes a large cut through Black☆Star's right shoulder and arm, splitting Black☆Star's tattoo in half with a large scar. Basically, Crona engulfed the whole moon with Black Blood to seal Asura. Tsubaki asks him if he can hear them, and Black☆Star says that Marie and Stein have come back. Soul the joins the group and Black☆Star, content that Soul is better, greets him. Later, Black☆Star and the other members of Spartoi gather at Maka and Soul's place to discuss the matter of Crona. Kid is 14. The two argue on, with Kid saying that Black☆Star's idea of power is simple, and Black☆Star likewise to Kid. He manages to do it at first, but then ends up screaming when he sees her naked body, which causes an angry Tsubaki to throw a shuriken at him. Thinking that he is talking to her, Tsugumi frantically apologizes. Black☆Star remains unconscious throughout the battle, leaving Maka and Soul to defeat Free. Finally, the two reach them. Mifune, let's get something straight; The path I choose isn't of the warrior or the demon. video. [67], Later in his life on the day of the the DWMA entrance ceremony, he stood on top of the DWMA and declared his greatness to the new students below. In addition, he admits even after his employment of Arachnophobia that he often swung his sword in defense of other children, possessing a great level of compassion and care for those he consider young. Age Asura has also mentioned that Black Star is the only human that would be worthy enough to be considered a Warrior God; Maka Black☆Star even lets her be captain of his team, even though he obviously shows signs that he wants to be the captain. He also keeps on plowing forward through adversity, whilst others may decide to run away, showing his bravery, although his bravery may sometimes border on recklessness. Black☆Star and Tsubaki along with Maka and Soul, travel to Shisceda Village to help the hunter of the village take down a sky whale in order to help the village prosper. Meanwhile, Black☆Star, Kid and their partners battle Asura. Liz laments over her mistake, as Black☆Star and the others stare on, not really concerned about the mistake. Kid then notices that some of the other students are laughing at them. Black☆Star and Tsubaki leave Death City at night. He is approached by three hundred soldiers of Arachnophobia's samurai division. Abilities information Black☆Star and Soul decide to attempt to actually work together as a Weapon and Meister pairing. Maka tries attacking, but accidentally attacks Black☆Star, who shouts at her as well. Eventually, Black☆Star gives in and piggy-backs Kid, deeming him as useless; Kid retorts that whilst Black☆Star can keep him from getting wet, he can use an umbrella to prevent the water dripping on him from below. The two meisters quickly engage in battle with the fight ending in Crona's favor as Soul is mortally wounded with some the Black Blood making Ragnarok entering the Weapon's bloodstream. is a bit more heavy on the comedy while keeping the action and supernatural aspects, and introducing a bit more of a Slice of Life genre to the Soul Eater franchise. Mifune tells Black☆Star that he is not the only one who is prepared to die on the 'Path of a Warrior.' However, Stein still manages to defeat them. Black☆Star asks her if she is all right, and she replies that she is. He changes back to his male form rather quickly, showing that he is not that lustful, despite his attempts to sneak into the bathroom to peek on a naked Tsubaki (which consequently causes him to start screaming at the sight of Tsubaki, which gives him away). But when he eavesdrops on Nygus and Sid, he blows a hole in the wall just around the corner, revealing to viewers that he isn't as lighthearted as he had appeared to be. Born as the son of White☆Star and the Star Clan, the infant known as Black☆Star became the last known survivor of his clan after they were wiped out by Death Weapon Meister Academy due to their ruthlesnness and unwillingness to follow the rules. Thus, Black☆Star had actually not destroyed the syringe, only the shrine in front of him. Realizing the two's intentions, Mifune apologizes. A portal is then opened for him and only him to go. Black☆Star, noticing that Hiro has begun to be pushed around as usual, asks him what had happened between him with Excalibur. Mifune gives the two a chance to leave, but Black☆Star orders Tsubaki to change into Chain Scythe Mode. Black Star Black Star not only excels in martial arts and has a large Soul Wavelength that he can utilise offensively, but trains hard to gain more power until Death the Kid admits that Black Star has surpassed him. This enables him to shift through various armed and unarmed martial styles depending on a given situation without thought. Maka tells him not to make fun of her like of 'The Pon Pon Dance', which makes her a subject of Black☆Star's teasing. Intelligent and sociable when circumstances require, he is usually seen smiling when in public, though not quite in the same quantity and respect as his partner. Tsubaki teases him, saying that he is not like himself, and Black☆Star, embarrassed, tells her that he just wants to thank her. [49] During Asura's fight with the group, in which Black☆Star had time to fight him on his own, though impressive, it was known that Black☆Star could only fight Asura when Soul Eater utilizes his piano to assist Black☆Star as well as the entire group.

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